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Click here to learn more about AIM in South CarolinaSouth Carolina is currently one of many states putting an increased focus on issues that negatively affect maternal and child health. In South Carolina, these efforts are being spearheaded through the SC Birth Outcomes Initiative (BOI). The BOI is a collaboration of the SC Department of Health and Human Services, SC Hospital Association, March of Dimes, Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC and more than 100 stakeholders who together share the goal of improving health outcomes for newborns not only in the Medicaid program but throughout the state’s population.

Some of their goals include:

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  • eliminating elective inductions for non-medically indicated deliveries prior to 39 weeks;
  • reducing the number of neonatal intensive care unit admissions (NICU);
  • preventing pre-term births by making 17P available to all at-risk pregnant women;
  • implementing a universal screening and referral tool (SBIRT) to screen pregnant women during pregnancy and after delivery; and
  • promoting Baby-Friendly certified hospitals and breastfeeding.

Additional areas of focus have included supporting the CenteringPregnancy® Model, inpatient insertion of long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), innovative program development for the management of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in the Level I nursery, and most recently, the reduction of cesarean sections for first-time, low-risk mothers.

To read more about the South Carolina Birth Outcomes Initiative, visit SC DHHS.


Under the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of social and health inequities will be worsened dramatically if the insights, perspectives, experiences and expertise of major stakeholders, especially pregnant and birthing women as well as health care, community, and social service leaders and providers on the frontline of care are not heard. The Voices/Voces initiative aims to capture, in real time, the experiences, perspectives, and proposals for action expressed by women across the state who rely on Medicaid/emergency Medicaid for their pregnancy-, birthing- and postnatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as those of  care providers.

VOICES/VOCES Flyers (pdf)

Women Mujeres

Health Care &
Social Service Leaders
Líderes en Salud
y Servicios Sociales

Community Health
de Salud

Through Voices/Voces, the Institute for Families in Society will provide a deeper understanding of the effects of COVID-19 on women’s experiences during pregnancy and immediately after. Changes made today in pregnancy-related health care delivery have the potential to last far beyond the virus and findings from this research will help to guide that change process.

These PDF flyers detail more information about the Voices/Voces Initiative for the groups we are looking to reach. Each is provided in both English and Spanish.


Coronavirus: The SC HealthViz COVID-19 resources site. COVID-19.

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